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The intelligent use of technology is of immense importance to today’s digital world. I have been intrigued with my education at Kenyon College, the collective ideas and always setting up through various ways- such as critical writing- to think outside the box. My experience at Kenyon ignited my long-term interest in giving back to my country and this has given birth to Bismuth Technologies. Partnering with my colleague, Adonai, at Tufts University proves to be one of the good steps. The ever-increasing innovation of technology is permitting an enterprise to store more information, in smaller packages than ever before, Bismuth being a primarily Data service is the best option for everyone. It enables instantaneous access to information anywhere, anytime, by anyone, including multiple tiers of vendors, and customers. This continuing revolution is creating the where withal to open great opportunities to companies with foresight to react faster to customers’ needs and open new areas of business. As someone who is passionate about global issues such as Food Security, Climate Change, Education, I found Bismuth as the parent tech company to work in diverse ways to involve AgricTech & ClimaTech as subordinates of Bismuth Technologies products such as: Mechatronics, Logistics, Devices, Storage Facilities etc. We also have an IT training institute to serve the under privileged in Ghanaian society to be digitally skillful. My vision is to transform our company to the company of choice with our customers in Africa regions and beyond, in the areas of innovative technologies and business solutions where knowledge management is the foundation of growth and the staff is shareholder in the profit of the company. Bismuth intend to be a company whose staff is so motivated that they wake up in the night with bright ideas to increase company outlook.

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