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Bismuth Technologies is a Software Company with a specialization in Data science in Ghana that seeks to implement the use of the technical skills to provide and innovate ideal solutions.

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At Bismuth, we explore all the avenues available and applications necessary to bridge the gap between technology and humans to make AI worthwhile. We offer great services such as Data Analytics, Software Development, Agriculture Technology, Artificial Intelligence, web and app development and many more.

Data Analytics

Bismuth springs the significance for the use of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in analysis-based business solutions and planning, agric-analysis, temperature-optimization, and we analyze daily and project basis for keeping our clients’ goals in line.

Software Development

At Bismuth, we provide our clients with cutting-edge services by building computer and app software; envisioning, detailing, designing, and documentation involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components as you required.

Agriculture Technology

Bismuth’s work diversity includes solving global problems such as Food Security. Our pipeline target aims at advancements in technology in the Agric sector while complementing with remedies of Climate Change.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field which has become pertinent in this computer age and has received much recognition in relation to how it is able to mimic human reasoning capabilities and intelligence.

Web Development

Bismuth’s proactive team design, build, create, and maintain websites. We work on aspects such as web design, web programming, web publishing, and database management. Bismuth elevates your business or corporate to a class standard for users and customers satisfaction.

IT Sourcing

Bismuth’s services are extremely affordable yet of the highest quality. We undertake subcontracts outside from organizational structures for all or part of an IT (Information Technology) function.

About Us

We are highly considering our vision "Innovative Solution" with extraordinary consulting by long term customer relationship and looking forward to keeping our customers till forever with us.


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